Being a jack of all trades will make you a master of none. Multitasking is has been shown to not only be bad for individual productivity, it is also not good for a business. Concentrating on one thing at a time, such as the core functionality of a business promotes fast progress. Outsourcing is one way of ensuring that you only concentrate on the core activities of the business.
Anything that is not so core goes over to the subcontracted employees through outsourcing. This saves a business or individual the need to spend time, energy and money on the less key operations.

5 Top Sites To Outsource Your Daily Tasks

To help you out in your outsourcing endeavors, here are five sites that can offer you the best deal.

Odesk is the most developed online market place for finding remote short-term employees for your project. The site allows you to list several projects and those who are willing to work with you will bid their prices. You then select the terms that look favorable to you and wait for delivery. You can still talk to the contractor during the project implementation period and iron out any arising issues. (UPDATE: Odesk is now part of the site)

Elance works like is every way, but the site’s administrators have managed to cultivate a more disciplined client and contractor base. Basic services at Elance will cost slightly higher than what they cost in other marketplaces, and the quality is also good because freelance contractors pass through a lot of scrutiny to qualify.  (UPDATE: Elance is now part of the site)

iwriter is for written content as the name suggests. Online businesses that need various types of content for eBooks, websites, and tutorial guides can use the site to get whatever they need. Here, the client makes the job available to they pool or writers who are logged into the website. Anyone who is first to pick the assignment can do it. After delivery, the client evaluates the work and rates the writer. The client can also request a revision or reject the work. Writers progress in their ranks automatically through an evaluation of their ratings. The best writers have the highest ratings and can access high paying gigs.

Rent a Coder is for code related assignments that need experienced programmers. Instead of going to Elance or Odesk, it might be better to work with this site because it offers the biggest concentration of programmers who are willing to do the job for you. Since the site is for programmers, it might feel unfriendly for a person without a programming background.

Freelancer is a fairly new site that provides a different option to those who are not comfortable with Odesk or Elance. It is more socially inclined and allows the client and freelancer to build a relationship that extends beyond the site, or the job.

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