The journey to internet marketing success is one filled with distractions, poorly marked side roads, and worse of all, booby traps for the unaware traveler. I have traveled many of these side roads, causing me to be lost for months before finding my way back to the path. I have fallen into some of the booby traps, spending much time and many dollars to climb back out of them. I spend a portion of my time mapping out this journey and comparing my maps with those of others on the journey.

I have always strived to help everyone whom I’ve met along the journey. It is the southern way: Always lend a hand if you can. The main reason is that it is the socially right thing to do, however it serves a pioneer reason too. In a pioneer setting, everyone is a little dependent on those around them.

Should you happen to be the uncaring, non-helpful, loner type then you probably shouldn’t try the journey. To be successful on this journey, we must be willing to help others and to seek help when needed. This helpful, selfless attitude is the prime mover in our journey.

Seek and you shall find. Look for opportunities to help people along your journey, and you will have countless doors open to you along the way.

Let the Journey continue.


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