While quite a few would argue that producing a good squeeze page is sort of an art form, even a newbie can create a squeeze page that converts at a decent percentage. As long as some basic principles are kept in mind.

First: What Is a Squeeze Page?

Simply stated a squeeze page is a single webpage where people enter their name and email address in order to join your list. Usually this is in return for some sort of freebie (or “ethical bribe” as some call it). This freebie can be in the form of a report, eBook package, or a set of videos. The sole purpose of a squeeze page is to get people to opt-in to your list. Period. It shouldn’t have any other function that might ‘distract’ the reader.

No Lemons: Give Away a Quality Freebie

Many moons ago, you could offer a free report on pretty much anything and people would sign up for it.  Simply because it was free. However nowadays, people are becoming more and more picky about what they will swap their name and email address for, so the first step towards producing a good squeeze page is to make sure your freebie is of good quality and is something people in your chosen niche will actually want.

Lemonade With Ice and Sugar: Make Sure Your Copy Makes Your Free Offer ‘Irresistible’

If your offering is something people will want AND they know they want it – they will sign up. Your copy should pull out all the juicy bits of what they will receive and make it such that they simply can’t turn down your freebie. IF it isn’t something that benefits them, they will not sign up. Promote Benefits not features.

Have a catchy title

Free reports with bland titles like “10 top tips to…….” do not convert anywhere near as well as having a catchy title. BORING is for sleeping pills. Make sure you give your product a catchy title and make it stand out. Pay close attention to the best selling products in your niche and look at the sorts of product names they use.

Graphics Sell Your Product

Spend the time or invest money into creating good quality graphics. Make your squeeze page look like a paid product.  This is the most important step towards producing a good squeeze page. If you use graphics your copy won’t need to be perfect and it’ll still convert at a decent rate. Many marketers are now using video landing pages to gain even higher conversion rates. However, this may be a little daunting to the new marketer trying to start in a new niche. Either way, graphics or video will increase you email opt-in many times over simple word copy.

The path to internet success begins with the first step. Hope to see you again on the journey to internet marketing success.

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