Most Do NOT read these pages. If you are the type who enjoys reading them, you can find them in the drop down menu above under Legal Crap.

We have become so conditioned to sue because our feelings get hurt, we feel slighted, or think someone has taken advantage of us, that disclaimers are present everywhere. Many are required by government regulations which cover such sleaze balls.

Therefore, most websites post “legal” pages to protect themselves from sue-happy consumers. Unfortunately, a quick web search will show you that most of these are not enforceable in many jurisdictions. Since and it’s parent company, Fiddler Web Enterprises Inc., have no way of knowing from what jurisdiction you will be coming to us, We have included legal pages for our general area.

Unless today is your first experience on the world wide web, you should be aware that almost every site collects data on you (via cookies), many collect revenue from advertisements, promise not to spam you, have a ‘terms and conditions‘ page, and all sites Reserve their copyright [with the possible exception of U.S. government sites, which have no right to copyright, being Owned by ‘we the people’].