The Twelve Stage Hero’s Journey by Christopher Vogler is an adapted version of Joseph Campbell’s “Monomyth” from his book The Hero With A Thousand Faces. In previous posts, I have alluded to being on a Journey to Internet Marketing Success.  I believe that by following this Hero’s Journey, I will achieve that which I seek much more rapidly and with greater skill.

The journey begins with the hero in the ordinary world before his present story begins. It is his safe place and he is oblivious to the adventures yet to come.  My About me page is this beginning of the journey. It is my true story. It is not modified to fit an internet persona. It will not be changed to sell a product in the future.  I come from a barely middle class family, I spent 6 years in the Navy, I have worked in couple factories, and  currently work in hard-rock underground mining.

My about me page also outlines the next two stages of the journey: The Call to Adventure and the Refusal of The Call.   I lost my daughter and my family needed me as badly as I needed them….But I spent a year withdrawn into my own world, going about my daily tasks like a zombie.

The rest of the Hero’s Quest will be outlined here on this blog, along with other insights and information that I have gained over my previous adventures and this one.

  • hmm… my A.D.D. was kicking in a little. I was thinking of a picture of dragon for this post.. but out loud I said “hmm.. I need a dragon.”
  • To which my girlfriend replied, ” Why?”
  • “Cause I would be the only one the in the neighborhood with one”
  • “Pretty sure you would be the ONLY one to have one”
  • hmmm… wonder if they every existed…

I have my mentor, I am learning new skills. I am applying them to previously incompleted adventures. The Quest will continue.

The path lays before us. Our first steps have been taken. We have started our battle plan.

I will catch up with you later upon the path. The journey to internet success continues.

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