Although the World Wide Web is constantly evolving, one thing will remain relevant for as long as people interact on the web: the need for quality, related content. Articles are one of the best ways to create and share this content.

There are all kinds of articles on the web, but a good web article should be between 450 and 850 words. It should share something – give useful tips, provide ‘how to’ information, or answer a question. It should engage the reader.

Writing A Top Notch Article In Five Easy Steps

There are 5 steps that will ensure you create a top-notch article.

#1 Create a Powerful Headline
The first thing you need to create is a headline that stands out and draws potential viewers in. Use clever word play, catchy phrases, and make sure your search engine optimize it relating to the article content.

For example, let’s say you are writing about diamonds. Which of these headings is most likely to draw in the reader? “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend- Make Sure You Buy Accordingly” or “How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring.”

#2 Create Your Introduction
The article’s introduction needs to be only a few sentences. It shouldn’t be too wordy, but rather it should clearly define what the article is going to be about.

For example, “Buying diamonds can be confusing, even daunting. After all how can you tell if you are buying a quality diamond?”

#3 Cover the Key Points
Come up with four or five key points that you are going to cover in the article. These points should be clearly defined with a new paragraph. They can be introduced with a sentence or as a sub heading.

For example, “Let’s look at the five C’s of the diamond.”

#4 Develop the Story
Now you need to write to cover each of your key points. This is where you develop your detail. You can include images if you like; use bulleted lists, paragraphs, etc. Make sure that you cover your point clearly and concisely so that the reader can easily understand.

For example, you are now going to define your five C’s of the diamond in detail. What clarity is, how you know what the clarity of the diamond is, how to read the appraisal, etc. This is where you will provide all of the information so that your reader knows how to buy that diamond.

#5 Call to Action
Finally, you need to conclude your article, followed by a call to action. The call to action is what you want your reader to do after they finish reading the article.

For example, a call to action might be “Click here to find out more.” or “Are you ready to save on that diamond ring?”

Incorporating these five steps into your articles will help ensure that you always provide quality, related content… the lifeblood of the web.


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    • David Rogers

      I’ve read a few times that you should write the headline last as its the most important. Trouble is, I’m always too eager to post once I’ve done the hard work of writing the post. Also I lose track of what the specific keyword is for a particular post!
      David Rogers recently posted…Old School New BodyMy Profile

    • Dave Thomas


      Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve copied your five points as an aide mémoire to myself when drafting my own blog posts as it contains the essentials for a good, hopefully, great blog post!

      My general way is to think of a subject for a post and develop the headline to get me started. I then draft a set of bullet points for the content which I then come back to and fill out to create the full post.

      I’m finding that posting every two days is not a chore on mu blog and I have a few drafts in place on my Posts page in my blog that still need filling out.

      Thanks for the post

      Dave Thomas recently posted…My FBAds Cracked $50,000 Bonus ReviewMy Profile

      • Jimmy Hancock

        Hello Dave.
        How could I possibly mind. To tell me that you not only liked the information…but you are going to use it… is one the greatest compliments anyone could ever give me.

        • Jed

          Well if you are totally honest, you must admit that the compliment Dave Thomas gave you is really meant for someone else, because the article you haveposted here is actually PLR that you have just copied and pasted here. As you have with several other artcles. You have not even tried to change the articles in any way what so ever…!!
          So if you want compliments – come clean!

          • Jimmy Hancock

            Hello Jed.
            Using PLR to supplement or create articles is a completely legitimate use of private label products. I copied the first 162 words into my TOR browser to ensure that it wasn’t just picking up my search preferences. Guess what, the first four results are all directly related to my site.
            I do use PLR that i have purchased to assist with writing some of my articles. However, they have been formatted and edited to my style of writing.

            I think the true question is Do you find the information useful and will you apply it to make your business grow?? Or will you simply go around and attempt to belittle another person’s business instead of minding your own? I don’t mean that as “mind your own business” like in being the busy-body type.. But as in Minding your Business to Create a business or to make it grow.

    • Adrian Ratcliffe

      Great article Jimmy. Not just a guide to writing a good article but also an ebook I would suggest.
      Adrian Ratcliffe recently posted…Idea. Plan. Action.My Profile

    • Jimmy Hancock

      Hello Adrian,
      sorry for the delay in response, been working on a side project.
      Thanks. I may just write an ebook on the subject. Although the article websites have lost a lot of juice with updates from big ‘G’ they do still help with getting traffic.
      Jimmy Hancock recently posted…Are You an Effective Marketer Or Simply an Affected Marketer?My Profile

    • M Shehroz

      Great information man.
      Great post!” You are performing a good job.thanks for the nice sharing. Thank you…
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