To be an effective internet marketer, you must be clearly focused on your goals and have a plan of action. If you are not focused, you will be easily distracted by sales pitches that promise you a quick way to get rich on the web. When you veer away from your planned course of action, you waste time, money, and become an affected marketer.

There’s no real mystery to internet marketing. It might not be easy, but it surely isn’t that difficult once you learn the right way to do things and put your mind to it. Lack of focus and Shiny Object Syndrome tend to make us affected marketers, buying the latest and greatest ‘new’ way to make money online, to drive traffic to our sites, or interact with customers (or potential customers) using social media.

The main problem stems from learning who to trust and emulate when first learning to market online. Who will actually teach you proper ways to develop and market your product? Finding a good mentor can be quite difficult. I have tested out a few of them, and until now, none of them have really lived up to the hype.

Coaching is ‘hot’ right now. Since I have joined the Partnership to Success Program, I have received no less than five offers from various marketers touting how good their internet business is doing and how well they can teach me to make money like them. For me, I find this highly doubtful, because most people don’t keep very good records of their journey and only look back upon their travels to internet success when they decide to sell us a way to make money. John is one of only a few who actually deliver more than what they offer.

Being An Effective Marketer

To be an effective marketer, you must approach it like the business venture that it is. Just because you didn’t spend $100,000 plus on a franchise license or starting a brick and mortar business, doesn’t mean you should approach it like you just started a lemon-aide stand. If you approach it as a business and treat it as a business, then only good things can happen. I’m not saying that you will necessarily be 100% successful on you journey, but no one ever has been.

Einstein never managed to complete Unified Field Theory, Edison had 10,000 setbacks before getting light bulbs correct, Abraham Lincoln failed at almost everything he ever did (until he became President of the United States during some of our countries’ darkest hours).  You can Never truly fail unless you stop trying. Imperfect Action is better than no action at all.

Start now by keeping good notes of your journey to internet success. Most especially, you should keep notes of setbacks as well as successes. Keep detailed notes of setbacks, as this will help you learn what didn’t work and how to improve upon or change the outcome into a success.

I wish you great adventures upon your journey and hope to see you again along the path,



    3 replies to "Are You an Effective Marketer Or Simply an Affected Marketer?"

    • Ron Killian

      Interesting read Jimmy 🙂

      From what I’ve seen many people don’t finish their products. And of course unfinished projects don’t bring in any results. Or they try something and it doesn’t make them money fast enough, or bring in traffic fast enough and they on to the next shiny object.

      Not that I have not been guilty of the above.
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      • Jimmy Hancock

        Hello Ron,
        Please excuse the delay, I have been working on some other projects (and a few family issues) and have unfortunately neglected to update on here.
        Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is a leading cause of internet business failures. Like you said, if it doesn’t happen quickly enough, it is abandoned, and people move onto the next “new” thing being sold in their Inbox.
        I still fall prey to it sometimes, but I am not drinking as much from the Internet Punch Bowl any more.
        Blessings be on your journey.

    • Blessed

      great piece of content @ jimmy. This is my first time on your blog but i must confess am loving it. Just bookmarked your blog.
      This is a must read for every digital marketer.
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