Many moons ago, I graduated high school and went straight into the U.S. Navy. I was to be one of the upper crust, a Navy Nuclear Power Electrician’s Mate. I was stationed on the East Coast and went on a few Med. Cruises. Two cruises were superseded, and we spent the majority of our time being a major player in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Provide Comfort/Provide Hope, and Operation Deny Flight.  So many operations, that I should have come out of the Navy as a full-blown surgeon.

Afterwards, I moved back to my home town and worked in a few factories. Always at the whim of the economy for those industries as to whether I could provide for my growing family. Until finally, I moved out West and started working in the Mining industry. That is where I have continued to work since 2002. I’ve worked in Montana, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012 at 7:05 p.m., I received the worse news anyone could ever hear over a telephone. My youngest daughter had been in a car wreck with her best friend. Her friend had survived, but my daughter had died on the scene. I was working 900 miles away in Nevada.

I had lost so much time with my family by working away from home at various mining companies, and now I had no more time to spend with my youngest.

After just over a year of merely existing and just going through the motions of daily life, I decided that I must make a change. My oldest daughter was pregnant. I was going to be a grandfather. I wasn’t going to miss out on his/her growing up, like I had missed so much of my girls.  I was going to figure out a way to make money online.

I moved back to my home state of Kentucky, where the cost of living was much cheaper. I have reduced my bills. I have joined the online revolution (only the marketing one… the country revolution is still a year or so off).

For years, I have searched for the Holy Grail of making money online. I have spent a whole lot of money pursuing this elusive object. After years of searching, I can tell you this: There isn’t a Holy Grail to internet marketing or making money online. To make money online, you have to be willing to put in the work and treat it as a real business.

There is no such thing as Push Button Riches. Anyone selling that is peddling Snake Oil. That being said, It is possible to make money online by pushing a button: If you have a mailing list, if you have a real relationship with your list, and if you are not constantly peddling the next best thing in marketing.
If you are willing to treat making money on the internet as a real business, then I invite you to come join me on my Journey to Internet Marketing Success.

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Continuing the Journey to Internet Marketing Success,

Hope to see you along the path,