A good internet marketing strategy is to develop systems for everything you do.  Too many marketers haphazardly put together websites, skipping steps, doing things in inverse order, and leaving money on the table.  Instead, a good marketing strategy is to develop a step by step method of doing what works.

Think about what the first thing you need to do to launch into a new market is.  Let’s say it’s market evaluation (though your method may be different.)  If part of your marketing strategy is that you go to the bookstore and look at the magazine section to see what is popular, then write that step down.  If you go to your favorite keyword tool and do keyword research, write that down.

As you do your next website, write down each and every step that it takes you to develop the website.  If you are following the advice of someone else, then you should incorporate their tips in with your own variations.

After you have finished the product or website, evaluate your steps.  Are there things you should have done before other things?  Are there steps that you skipped?  Are there steps where you duplicated your efforts?

As we evaluate our plan, our strategy is to write out a step by step guide so that we can duplicate our successes much more quickly with our next project.

When you follow your action guide the next time, you may recognize gaps or redundancies.  Take note of them.  When you are done with your second site, refine the system.

Pretty soon, you will have a step by step system for making websites or creating products.  You will be surprised at how much more quickly you can get things done when you have every step outlined.  Pretty soon, you won’t even have to look at your guide because everything will be imprinted on your brain.

What’s more, if you are successful with your steps, you can even sell this information to other internet marketers.  Most marketers do not have a good internet marketing strategy,  they will be willing to pay you top dollar for your system if you can provide a documented and tested internet marketing system for them.  Many successful marketers have made a second income doing just this.

Don’t try to “wing it” on every site.  If you do that, internet marketing is just a hobby.  All businesses have systems.  Put down on paper what your system is.

The path lays before you. Follow it on your journey to internet marketing success.

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    • Kathryn Dilligard

      Yes, I agree. Having a system in place helps.
      Kathryn Dilligard recently posted…The Site OwlMy Profile

    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Jimmy, I remember listening to an audio by John S Rhodes in which he complained that far too many marketers prefer to buy a single fish rather than the rod and kit that allows them to catch many fish.

      As you point out the only way to build a business that we can scale is by knowing what we do and how we do it.

      There will be days when you are not in the mood and on those days, marketing by numbers is a great fall back to have in place but you need to have recorded what you do and how you do it first!

      igor Griffiths recently posted…How Clear is Your Core?My Profile

      • Jimmy Hancock

        There’s an old saying, ” Feed a man a fish, and tomorrow he will be hungry again…Teach a man to fish, and he will never be hungry again.”
        I like to keep a journal on what works and doesn’t work. We can learn much more from our failures than we ever learn from our successes.

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